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A lot has been happening here at Dized. Well, “here” seems a bit misleading as I’m currently sitting alone at the office writing this because everyone’s working remotely. But nevertheless, things have been progressing with Dized every day. And yes, that includes weekends too.

For the better part of last year we were pretty much focused on the development of the platform and were now ready to start moving our focus to growth. We’ve been able to make the content easier to create and access than before, so let’s talk more about that.

In the beginning of this year Dized…

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s time to look back and reflect a bit. This has indeed been quite challenging for our team and in this post we’ll go through some of those challenges, areas where we aim to improve next year and also the achievements we were able to reach.

This is a somewhat beefy “end of the year” post and if you’re in a hurry please scroll to the end to check the TLDR SUMMARY (Too Long, Didn’t Read).

Our current goal is, and has been for all year to release a set of…

We recently took part in a seminar by Paul Grogan, one of the leading “learn to play” video creators of the board game industry. He’s done a fantastic job of lowering the barrier of entry to the hobby and empowered us to play more games. He’s passionate about rules and he shines at teaching them. You can find him in most of the big expos where he spends his days (and sometimes nights) doing a fantastic job at teaching game after game, never tiring. And of course — on his online channel Gaming Rules!

Paul has been teaching games for…

When you’ve played hundreds of board games, it can be easy to forget that we all started somewhere, that once upon a time we were all new to gaming and new to reading rulebooks or teaching others how to play the games we now love. Phrases like ‘worker placement’ or ‘area control’ which are now second nature to us were once unknown words which left us feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Questions about the Dized business model are quite common from both players and the industry operators. This post aims to answer those questions by explaining what the Dized business model is and why the current model has been developed.

Before we go any further though it’s important to mention regarding Rules on Dized: they’re free. Publishers can create and publish the rules for free, and players can use rules for free.

Dized Business Model

Now is a good time to clarify the type of digital content (“content”) offered on Dized. The majority of the content available through Dized is meant to be used with a physical game, which is why Dized is called a companion app.

“Dized is such a great Idea! I wonder why no one has done it before?” This is one of the most common things we hear about our app and we used to think the same way. That’s until we actually started to create it.

You might’ve heard someone saying that software development is difficult and that schedules should be multiplied by pi. It sounds like a joke, because even if things took a bit longer than expected, surely 3.14159 times as long is more exaggeration than is needed for comedic effect. …

Crowdfunding is great! It’s a passion sport, as when one invests money into making dreams come true they immediately become emotionally attached to the project. That personal attachment is what drives crowdfunding and makes it such a powerful platform, but ultimately you are supporting a project and a team you believe in.

Why Crowdfund Dized?

Dized is a huge project. We’re not just making an app that has game tutorials, but creating a platform that allows a full ecosystem of publishers and select contributors to create content for players. This poses the classic chicken and egg problem, as for this to work we…

Our previous blog post covered the process we went through to create the Blood Rage Tutorial, and what we learned that we’ll apply to future content.

This time we want to introduce how Dized will use audio, something that dramatically differentiates our Tutorials from other ways of teaching board games.

A Dized Tutorial contains three different kinds of audio tracks: music, sound effects, and voice over. …

The making of the Blood Rage Tutorial has been a big step for Dized: we’ve already proven the concept for smaller games such as Kingdomino, but one question kept coming up: what about more complex games?

While Blood Rage is still not The Campaign for North Africa, it scores a “Complexity Rating” of 2.89/5 on Boardgame Geek, which is a good average representing a lot of games our audience will want to play with Dized. The collaboration with CMON made Blood Rage an obvious choice to figure out how the development side of things could scale for more complex games…


This app makes playing board games easy and fun. Early Access version already available for iOS and Android.

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